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First post of the year!


Having one of those days today where my head feels like it is going to explode – so much going on in there and so much to do where do I start?

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Lots of new year resolutions – things I hope to achieve in my work and before January vanishes completely thought I would get some of these ideas onto my blog.

  • CPD – attending courses, reading,  networking and getting my FHEA status
  • Project work – lots of exciting developments at work at the moment so to continue to work on these
  • Research – keeping up to date with the latest developments in teaching and learning
  • To blog more
  • Ultimately to be productive, proactive and positive

This year is going to be the biggest year ever for me as in Spring I will take on the ultimate role in my life – becoming a mum – so I expect more changes and adventures ahead! Will be an interesting journey! 🙂


Why blog?

Earlier this summer I worked together with a colleague from the Communication Office on developing and running a half-day workshop on blogging – why do people blog? What do we need to consider when blogging?

Photo by anniemole, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

The aim of the session was to be interactive – we experimented using open-space learning techniques to engage participants in discussions and debate about blogging. The session was also supported with a number of on-line resources and discussions that provide more of an insight into issues people face when blogging and advice for people new to blogging. These include a Why blog?blog and a Why Blog? resource bank.

Staff from a variety of different backgrounds and blogging experiences attended and we had some very interesting debates around the opportunities and challenges that blogging presented. It was really interesting to hear about the different types of blogs that exist – why people felt that they should blog and what people thought about existing blogs.

For me – there are a number of obstacles to blogging – perhaps the most challenging one is time. As is demonstrated with this blog – I start out with good intentions – time goes by and I have only attempted several posts. I am also aware of the benefits of blogging – previously I kept a blog for my chartership although only a handful of people had access to the posts – over two years I built up a really valuable collection of reflections and was able to chart my professional development – it enabled me to write my portfolio easily. When I decided to start a blog and open it up to the world I think I lost my focus a little. I worried about the content – and what people may think spending too long considering how I was going to say something and therefore blogging no longer became something simple and quick.

Through developing the session with Amy – a very active blogger I started to rethink the way I have dealt with blogging in the past and see the real benefits this process can have. Following my own advice I need to do the following things:

  1. Identify the purpose of my blog
  2. Keep the posts short
  3. Post regularly (get scheduling)
  4. Promote my blog (through social media etc.)
  5. Enjoy blogging.

New Beginnings…


This is a fresh start for my blog and coincides with new beginnings within my career. After a number of enjoyable years within the Library sector I recently left and undertook a new challenge working to support academic and professional practice within a Higher Education institution.

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In my former Library life I was a keen blogger for my chartership and more recently I re-started my blog for my professional reflections. This time the focus will be on issues relating to teaching and learning. Getting back into blogging is going to be a challenge – but I am full of inspiration and motivation. Here goes to a fresh start at work and within my blogging experiences.