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I have been meaning to blog for a while but it seems to fall to the back of the list of things to do – I need inspiration and then the ‘Digital things for Learning Developers’ came along and I decided this was the excuse I needed to get back on track with my blogging. Why not re-start my blog after a couple of years and engage in some cpd too. Perfect timing!

So here I am… And here are my responses to this week’s task for #LD5D

Key Skills – Setting up the blog – this was not a problem as I already had a word-press blog – it just meant dusting it off and re-acquainting myself with the blog.

Profession-specific – I have blogged in the past so did not have any real reservations or concerns. For me blogs are more of a professional tool.  I do find usernames tricky – and spend ages trying to find something that works only to find it is already in use. I read recently that you should focus on the posts rather than the name and I suppose my procrastination in finding a name for a blog has distracted me in the past from writing any posts. At the moment it is really simple yet dull – I suppose I may get inspiration one day!

Evaluation: I think this is still a work in progress – I do think I can spend so long writing a post (does it look write/convey what I want to say etc.) and then not publish it – so I suppose there is some nervousness around that. Having said that this post is pretty much a stream of ramblings… I can see how a bit of a personal touch can invite interaction and engagement but I also think that with tools like this you also need to be visible (regular posts etc.) to ensure that people engage with you.
Integration: I link my Twitter feed to the blog and vice-versa.  With regards to separating personal and professional identities, I tend to use Facebook for personal things, keeping in touch with family and friends. Whereas the blog is more for my professional thoughts etc. A couple of years ago I participated in a webinar on this area and blogged about it – not much has changed since then.
Whilst I am confident with online technologies I find opportunities like #LD5D great for reflecting and re-considering my use of things. It is also great to get inspiration from colleagues within the learning development sphere. So hopefully this is my first post of many…

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  1. Glad we’ve given you an excuse to get blogging again! I’d love to see a community of bloggers around Learning Development, ultimately, sharing perspectives and experiences. Looking forward to following you in future! We’ll look more at sustaining a blog in week 5, as it’s something a lot of us find hard.

    I also try to separate personal and professional by simply using different accounts and platforms for each, especially Facebook. Seems to work pretty well.

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