Online Identity


Earlier last month I attended an OCSLD Digital day webinar on ‘Online Identity‘. The format for the day included a number of presentations activities and discussions around this area. Before the session we were asked to put together an image portraying our online identity – this got me thinking… I have always been conscious of my online identity and have two distinct areas – my personal identity and my professional identity on-line. (see below)

Online Identity Mindmap

The idea behind this division was that I felt my work colleagues did not necessarily want to hear about what I was doing at the weekend and likewise my friends did not really need to hear what I was up to at work. However more recently these distinct boundaries have become blurred – friends have found me on Twitter and Facebook is gradually creeping into my work life. The webinar opened up the issue of whether this distinction should be made – and how we in whatever domain we need to be responsible for our own digital footprint. The focus was on the philosophy behind the on-line identity and how we potentially manage it. For me I came away with more questions than answers – but the need to continue discussions and raise people’s awareness of the potential (future) impact of their on-line identity is very important.

As an aside the webinar was an interesting experience in itself – 5 hours of sessions where participation and ongoing engagement was strongly encouraged. The content focused small presentations followed by discussions and an activity in the middle. It was a great way to participate in an on-line learning space but at times technology could be a little frustrating (it took me a while to get my microphone working). It was a little too long – unlike face to face sessions I think you need to have short bursts of activity and information at regular periods. But it was a very interesting experience. 🙂


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