Library Day in the Life (Round 6) – Friday


I work as an Academic Support Officer at the University of Warwick Library. This role sits within Academic Services and I work on an array of exciting research and development projects and support the Academic Support Librarians with enquiries and information skills sessions. This job is certainly never dull – everyday is different.

The final day of blogging for the ‘Library day in the life’ project – Friday proved no exception and was as busy as ever. I had the afternoon off so the morning was pretty manic getting things completed and setting things up for next week.

The day began with the creation of some webpages to promote a new generic session that I have put together with a colleague on Endnote Web. In various workshops I have run or been involved in over the past year reference management seems to be a hot topic so we have set up a number of workshops for people to find out more and surgeries where people can pop in and ask for advice or talk about any issues. We focus mainly on Endnote Web as this is a product that the Library supports but I am also interested in increasing the scope to cover other systems including Zotero (which I really like although I wish I could use it on the Google Chrome platform.)

Webpages created and forms to book onto the sessions completed – I turned my attention to emails and followed up on a few issues from this week. It was a fairly busy morning – enquiry wise – I think it may be because the office is so quiet so I helped out where I could. Examples included responding to an enquiry from a Maths student about resources and one from a research student about the Research Exchange.

I also spent a short time looking over the Warwick 23 things blog – I am on the team but also keeping a blog for this and need to update my entry for this weeks activities. It is a really useful course – I know about the resources being covered but it is a great excuse for me to allocate time to sorting through resources and prioritising ones that I will use more regularly.

A quick discussion about statistics gathering with a colleague and planning for a meeting looking at some ideas I have about the webpages rounded the morning off. Overall it has been a productive week and reflective of the different projects and tasks that my role covers – there is certainly never a dull moment in this job! 🙂

Now I am back into blogging mode I am hoping that this momentum will continue. It is useful and great to reflect on things – I found my old chartership blog by chance earlier this week when I was sorting out the Facebook/blog issue and it was really interesting to see briefly how much has changed since I last used that blog. Lots of good intentions – now I just need to put them into practice.


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