Library Day in the Life (Round 6) – Tuesday


I work as an Academic Support Officer at the University of Warwick Library. This role sits within Academic Services and I work on an array of exciting research and development projects and support the Academic Support Librarians with enquiries and information skills sessions. This job is certainly never dull – everyday is different.

Planning in the Teaching Grid.

Today has been bumper packed with lots of planning and statistics. This morning started with the usual sorting through emails. I am determined to keep on top of my emails this year and have managed to reduce my inbox from 3,000 to 3 – so far so good. The main theme of the morning was planning – I booked some space in the Teaching Grid to go through some of my teaching related activities, brainstorm and prioritize project work.  Lots on the go at the moment from video projects, to webpages, info skills pilot sessions to focus groups.

Whilst in the TG I caught up with Hannah – the Teaching Grid coordinator to see how our collaborative video project promoting the possible use of space was going. Looking forward to the final result – it  should be good!

Also caught a little bit from the #haggisandmash event – and bookmarked some interesting resources mentioned.

A quick-lunch was followed by the first ASD team meeting that I decided to set up earlier in the day as a way of sharing ideas and updating each other on what we are doing. My role is split across the division and for some of my time I work under the umbrella of Academic Services Development (ASD). We are a relatively new team of 3 and all work on different projects so it is good to catch up and see how we can work together.

The day ended with my nemesis – statistics! Inspired by an earlier enquiry about user education statistics I decided to sort through this years user education stats – lots of information to go through.


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