Now You’re Talking…


Earlier this term a team of staff undertook a project investigating the potential role of several communication tools for virtual  enquiry support. Having carried out literature reviews and shared experiences from colleagues around the country – we had built up a picture of what technology was available and the potential benefits it could bring to the Library user. What we had not done is sought the advice and expectations of the Library user themselves, so in order to remedy this situation we set about putting together a series of focus groups under the umbrella of “Now You’re Talking.”

The first focus group took place in February and focused on finding out how users would like to communicate with the Library. Inspired to find out more from our users following in-depth feedback we undertook a series of “mini sessions” under the NYT banner. These sessions involved the use of an iMac to capture students feedback and proved more popular as they required literally seconds of time from the student. In addition to these sessions we used an online poll to gather peoples responses to their preferred methods of contacting the Library.

From the initial conversations with users other ideas for future NYT sessions have been generated. We have recently carried out several sessions on what users need from the Library – with regards to information and training. Whilst there are already many channels open for users to engage in dialogue wuith the Library – the NYT sessions offer an additional channel focusing on specific topics. They are informal and generate some interesting ideas about the expecations and requirements of today’s user.

Does anyone else engage in these sort of focus groups?

How do you get your students involved and interested in taking part?

Further information about these sessions can be found on our website.


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